Q - What language will the films be screened in?
Unless otherwise noted, all the films are being screened in Japanese with English subtitles.
Q - I bought a day pass but I want to leave the venue and return later. Is this ok?
Yes! We full appreciate that some people may only want to attend a select number of screenings, perhaps pop back into MCM London Comic Con inside Excel London as an example, so have no fear you will be able to enter/exit the venue without issue. It’ll simply be a case of you needing to hold onto you ticket and you will be allowed entry back into the venue.
Q - Do I need to buy a ticket to MCM Comic Con as well to come?
No you don’t, but we’d definitely advise grabbing a ticket if you’re coming this way so you can enjoy the benefits of both if time allows :)!
Q - Is seating allocated?
No. Seating is on a first come first served basis for each screening.
Q - I bought a ticket to MCM London Comic Con, does that count as my ticket?
Sorry but no it doesn’t – MCM Loves Anime is a separate event being run by Anime Limited in conjunction with MCM. Because of this separate tickets need to be purchased.
Q - Why doesn’t my MCM ticket count as my ticket?
As it’s a separate venue and space specifically meant for screenings and panels, it’s been booked separately and we need to cover the cost of that, screenings and staffing :).
Q - Do we need leave the screen after screening?

Yes. Following each screening, the screen will need to be vacated to allow staff to inspect the screen and clean where needed. (This is not negotiable.)
Q - I’m travelling to MCM Loves Anime from outside of London, what time will the event end?
We’ve created this event with this exact thought in mind. So you’ll be happy to hear that proceedings should be completed with the final film of the day by no later than 22:00.

- Can I bring food/drink into the screenings?

No. Unfortunately upon clarification – while food/drink can be purchased inside the venue at a café, no food or drink can be brought into the auditorium. Sorry folks!
Q - Is it ok to wear cosplay inside the screen?
Yes! However if you have some elaborate form of cosplay that could impede the viewing enjoyment or comfort of others we’d prefer for you change as appropriate prior to the screening.
Q - Are there any discounts for this event? For example, with an NUS card?
No. The pricing for MCM Loves Anime is fixed but we would like to not that the day pass get you access to 4 screening across the day, not just one.


Information correct as of 8th October 2015.